Adding and project review500$

Adding to the website and evaluating of a project with rating, short review of all scoring aspects and also adding to the weekly mailing to investors and subscribers.

Pre-rating1 000$

Evaluating of a project with rating, short review of all scoring aspects. But in this case we will not publish your project without additional permission from your side.

Brothers Expert Review 2 500$

A full description of your project on all sections of the evaluation, drawn up by ICO Brothers© experts, which you can provide to foundations and investors as a full-fledged review of your project.

Classic analytic review5 000$

Analysis includes a detailed report of project’s evaluation and a text description pointing on the main problems which impact on your Rating.

Premium analytic review7 500$

In addition to the classic analysis service we provide a detailed review of every aspect of project’s evaluation. we provide recommendations how to eliminate the problems. We also offer solutions at special ICO Brothers Price. If you accept our recommendations, re-rating of the project is conducted for free.

Re-rating2 000$

Re-rating project for actual date taking all the changes

Trust production15 000$ + additional expenses

Visiting the office of a project team, creating an interview with questions asked by the funds, checking the real availability of the team, legal documents, audit of the project’s effectiveness, and then adding to the Brothers Rating website on page Passed by the trust and on the project page. The video is posted on the Youtube channel and shown to the large audience.

Adding to weekly mailing1 000$

Re-adding to the weekly mail dispatch, which is based on a data base with more than 15000 real investors and more than 10 funds.

Adding to weekly mailing with highlight priority5 000$

Your project with a detailed description of its advantages is placed the top of the mailing list

Adding a project to personal mailing10 000$

Prepearing a personal presentation of a project. This mailing is not connected to the weekly one, date and time of sending depend on your wishes.